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Current Version

DarkLight 3.12.2 Release Notes

Released September 13, 2019

New Features
  • New widget in the bottom corner shows the disk usage of the server. Colors and warning levels are configurable in Preferences. (#425)
  • Improvements to SPARQL auto-complete (#565)
  • Improvements to Playbook Foldering, including a new option to Enable/Disable all playbooks in a folder
  • Improvements to Results Graph, including new layout and pinned arrangements (#647)
    • The Results Graph V2 has been integrated into the standard Results Graph view (#677)
    • Graph literals (string data properties) can be edited via right-click in the graph. The data property can also be edited. (#696)
  • Graphs in the Results Table (loaded from Contextual or Working Memory) can be deleted via right-click (#702)
  • New Automatic Date Patterns added (#657)
  • Secure Data Sources and Feeds with missing certificates now allow you to download the cert locally so you can add it to the TrustStore. (#599, #649)
  • Data Feeds can be optionally throttled to an average number of events per second (#315)
Bugs Fixed
  • The SWRL Editor view errors incorrectly when an existing rule is edited (#509)
  • The SWRL Editor view errors on restart if it is left open. (#538)
  • Query Results Tree sorts by the Order By value (#483)
  • Select the object class options button in the table reifier error fixed (#662)
Known Issues
  • Playbook foldering sometimes has unexpected behaviors
  • The top portion of the Dashboard that shows the number of Favorites in the past 24 hours shows the total number instead. The time-restrained version will return in a future update. (#1440)

See the Release Notes Archive for new features & known issues for previous versions

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