CIS Critical Controls (CSC20) & Security Regulation Mappings Views

The CIS Critical Controls view shows your playbooks as they have been assigned to the Center for Interned Security's CIS Controls, commonly referred to as "Critical Controls". As playbooks are selected in this view, they update the Regulation Mapping view which contains a map from the CSC20 to dozens of other cyber frameworks. These views allow you to track your playbooks across the different recommended controls. Assignment of the controls occurs in the Playbook Editor.

The Cyber Effects Matrix perspective is accessed by choosing Window→Show Perspective and choosing Critical Controls. This perspective contains both the CIS Critical Controls view and the Security Regulation Mappings Views.

  • Navigate to the PRO Playbooks Perspective
  • Open the Playbook you would like to assign to controls by double clicking in the PRO Playbook Manager
    • The playbook should appear in the Step Editor
  • Select drop down menu in Step Editor
  • Select "Assign to CIS Controls"

When the dialog opens you will see the list of the 20 controls appear. Check the boxes next to the controls where this playbook should be assigned. To remove a previously-assigned association, uncheck the box. Click OK when finished assigning controls, and the playbook will be assigned to any checked controls.

To view the playbooks that have been assigned to controls, click the triangle next to the label to expand the control and list any playbooks that have been assigned. The number in parentheses at the end of each control indicates how many playbooks have been assigned to that control. There is also a menu item (downward-facing triangle) that can be used to expand all of the controls together. The text input at the top of the list lets you type in the name of a playbook and show its location in the controls.

To view how a playbook maps to a different cyber regulation, select the playbook from the top list, and then select the regulation from the second list. Alternatively, you can click on a playbook in the CIS Critical Controls view and it will auto-fill the top menu item with that playbook.

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