Results Dashboard

The Dashboard is a special Perspective that shows any Working Memory output types you have marked as a Favorite and a chart of recent Playbook execution.

To open the perspective, click the plus icon next to the list of perspectives in the top-right of DarkLight or choose Window→Show Perspective from the menus and select "Dashboard."

To configure which items show up in the upper area with the large numbers, click the star icon in the bottom-right corner to bring up the Choose Favorites dialog. Click the + icon to add a new favorite, then choose an output type (class), time range (Past 24, 12, 6, 3 or 1 hours), and time field.

Favorites can also be added from the right-click menu of the Working Memory view.

As of version 3.2, the numbers in the upper section do not use the time range setting. They always show the total number of that type in Working Memory. The dotted graph below the large number correctly uses the time range.

The chart at the bottom of the Dashboard shows the playbooks that have been triggered by data feeds from the past 24 hours. In Standalone mode, the chart starts drawing data during each new session of DarkLight. In Client/Server mode, the data starts when the server starts as is maintained. The vertical axis automatically updates to accommodate the largest values. Each dot in the graph is the summary of the preceding minute. Hover over a dot to see the number of event(s) for that spot in the graph during that minute.

The list on the right side of the line chart shows the playbooks that are contributing to the graph. Check or uncheck any of the playbooks to have its line shown in the chart. Use the All button to check all of the types, or None to uncheck all types.

The data for the chart and favorites numbers uses the default time property core:hasEventTime. This can be changed in Window→Preferences with the Default Time field.

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