Managing Views and Perspectives

DarkLight uses many small windows, called views to show lots of related information at the same time. These views are customizable into any configuration. A set of views can be saved and named as a perspective for easy access to your favorites.

A view in DarkLight is a window that contains a specific piece of information or tool. Each view has a tab on top with its icon and name. Any number of views can be opened at any one time, and they can be arranged by dragging and saved into groupings, called Perspectives.

To open a view choose the Window→Show View menu and select the desired view from the pop-up window. The selected view will appear as the front-most tab of one of your other views.

To move a view to a new arrangement, drag the tab to approximately where you want it to go.

Views can either be grouped with other views, making a tab grouping, or split another view in half.

You'll see a faint divider line appear that indicates how the view you are hovered over is about to be split.

When the arrangement is what you intended, let go of the mouse button and the selected view will take up the space indicated during the drag.

TIP: Cancel Move

To cancel the move while dragging, press the Esc key on the keyboard.

Any view can be moved to its own window outside of the main DarkLight window. This is useful if you have multiple displays and want to keep some of them always visible.

For example, to keep the Results Graph always visible, drag its tab outside of the DarkLight application until the drag outline turns green. When you release the mouse the view will be in its own window.

Other views can be dragged into this window and arranged as above.

To return the view back to the main DarkLight window, drag the tab of the view back inside the frame of the main window.

Arrangements of views can be saved in groupings called perspectives. DarkLight comes with some pre-made perspectives based on the views that are commonly used together. To switch to a new perspective, click one of the named items in the upper right corner of DarkLight. Any modifications you make to a perspective will be saved in your local workspace.

Right-click on a perspective label to see more options to configure it.

  • Customize allows you to disable menu items but is generally not used.
  • Save As… creates a new copy of the current perspective with the name you give it. Give it the same name as an existing perspective to replace it.
  • Reset will set the perspective back to the arrangement it had when it was last saved. If you feel you have accidentally closed views or made a mess of the windows, choose this option to put it back to the original settings.
  • Close will hide the button and all the views in that perspective will close. To open the perspective again, click the button on the left side of that grouping with the plus sign, or visit Window→Show Perspective.
  • Show Text toggles the label next to the perspective icon 'On' or 'Off.

Opening the Built-in Perspectives

DarkLight comes with several pre-configured perspectives, including Reify, Ontologies, PRO Playbooks and several others. In a new workspace, only Review opens automatically. However, when opening the demo workspace, all of the perspectives are open. To open the other perspectives in a new workspace use the plus button in the upper right corner, and drag them to rearrange as desired.

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