Step: Broadcast

The Broadcast step sends the package out to other playbooks that subscribe to it. The entire package is broadcast regardless of what changes have been made to it in the playbook. The subscribing playbook looks for an rdf:type on the reified graph in the package.

Requires a graph object

  • The broadcast step has no configurable options.

Multi-Source Event Broadcaster

This playbook receives JSON events from three different feeds, turns the events into graphs (using the Reify JSON Object step Match Pattern feature), and Broadcasts those events to other playbooks that Subscribe to those types.

Set a Flag for Adding User Attribution

The playbook on the left adds a Type of Attributable to indicate that this package should have the employee and device attached to it when it is published. The playbook on the right Subscribes to the type Attributable and will receive any package that is broadcast with that type. Note that the broadcast step does not have to be at the end of a playbook to be effective. Also note that this strategy only works if the Publish step is set to "Merge" as the package will be published by each playbook.
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  • Last modified: 2017/11/22 19:16