Step: Change Publish Object

As the package progresses through the playbook steps, graph objects can be added or created. By default, the publish step keeps track of the IRI on the first object in the _default_ graph. (This object is sometimes referred to as the primary individual.) Sometimes you need to publish something other than the original object. This step allows you to enter the IRI of the object you would like to become the publish object (primary individual). It is typically used with the Set Value step to generate an IRI and store it as a variable.

Can use FreeMarker Expressions

Operates on the package graph

  • New IRI: The IRI or Freemarker variable that represents the IRI.
    • If you will be creating an object in another step, it's recommended to build the IRI as a Freemarker variable and then reference it in both the creation and in this step.
    • If you know the full IRI of the object, you can enter it here. Example: tag:myontology#Thing-Charlie
  • step/change-publish-object
  • Last modified: 2018/10/30 15:30