Step: Create New Object

This step creates an object and graph with either a generated ID or one made from Freemarker expressions.

Uses FreeMarker Expressions

  • Select Class: Click the Choose Class button to open a dialog showing all of the ontology classes. The new object will be an instance of this type.
  • Select Graph Name: The Class will form the first part of the object's IRI, this option creates the second part.
    • Generate UUID: This option tells DarkLight to create a generated string of numbers and letters. Example: 3ac19c25-1cad-43ca-a394-fceabcdebeef
    • Custom: This option lets you enter in text to create the ID. Freemarker Expressions can be used to create IDs using information from the package. Example: ${hostname}-${EventTime?date}
  • Set as Publish Object: By default, the _default_ graph will be published when Step: Publish to Knowledge Base is executed. When checked, this new object and graph will be the one published.
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  • Last modified: 2018/10/30 15:30