Step: Download File

The Download File step lets you bring data into the package from an internet URL. The data is stored in one package variable, and the response code back from the server (e.g. 404 Not Found) can be stored in another variable.

Stores data in a package table variable

  • Request URL: The internet address of the file you want to download into the package. Note that this step cannot decompress archived files.
  • Response Variable: Enter a variable name to store the server's response code (200, 404, etc.) for further analysis by steps further down in the playbook. (For example, you might want to use a Value String Filter step to test if the download received a positive response code (like 200) before allowing the rest of the playbook to process the downloaded file.
  • Output Variable: The variable name to store the downloaded file to.
  • step/download-file
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