Step: Graph CIDR Filter

This step compares a data property from your default graph against a string (text) in CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) format. Multiple conditions can be applied and combined with an AND or an OR. If the conditions match, the package continues down the True [+] side of the step. If the conditions do not match, the package continues down the False [-] side.

Operates on the package graph

Uses CIDR Notation for IP Addresses

  • Choose Property: the data property predicate of the incoming object you want to compare. For this step, the value of this property should be an IP address of type "String".
  • (not): Check the box to invert the comparison
  • Add a new condition: Click the plus button to add a new set of conditions, and choose to combine them all with either AND or OR.
  • The header of each condition section can be collapsed by using the triangle on the far left of the section name. The section names contains a summary of the condition section.
  • Click the red X icon next to any section to remove that section from the step settings.
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  • Last modified: 2017/11/21 22:34