Step: Ingest

The Ingest step is one of the root steps that can start a playbook. This step is what tells the playbook which feed of data it should receive. It directly links to the list of Data Feeds. Each Ingest step refers to one Data Feed, but multiple Ingest steps can start a playbook.

  • Data Feed: Choose one of the feeds configured in the Data Feeds view.

Any event or file that enters the chosen feed will be converted to a package and sent to the playbook.

Multiple Ingest Steps Can Start a Playbook

This playbook receives JSON events from three different feeds, turns the events into graphs (using the Reify JSON Object step Match Pattern feature), and Broadcasts those events to other playbooks that Subscribe to those types.

This step always outputs on the TRUE side.

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  • Last modified: 2019/02/20 19:22