Step: Generate OpenC2 Message

This step is used to create a properly-formatted JSON output that can be sent to an OpenC2-compliant appliance or software.

Can use table variable values

Allows FreeMarker Expressions

Based on an HTML interface from GitHub user netcoredor under the AGPL v3 license.

  • Output Variable: The name of the package variable the resulting JSON output will be stored in.
  • I want to: Choose the action the C2 message will take
  • On a: Choose the type of object the action will apply to
  • Options: Each choice reveals options specific to that choice. Check the box next to options you want to use, and fill in values (FreeMarker Expressions are allowed)

Output Example

	"actuator": {
		"Ip-Connection": {
			"actuator Id": "42"
	"action": "Restart",
	"id": "4ebd67f5-0f87-4628-a795-77f32b3a9495",
	"target": {
		"Device": {
			"serial_number": "123456789"
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