Step: Post To Teams

This output type can send a customized message to your Microsoft Teams account using a Webhook. It can either send a plain text message, or use a JSON message to send more stylized cards.

Can use table variable values

Allows FreeMarker Expressions

  • Webhook Source: Select a Data Source of type "Teams".
  • Teams Message Content: Enter in text content (including FreeMarker expressions) to make a basic message, or use a JSON-formatted message to create a Message Card.

Creating a Webhook

  1. In Microsoft Teams, go to the channel where you want the messages to appear, click the icon, and choose "Connectors"
  2. On the Connectors page, click Add next to "Incoming Webhook" (The button will say "Configure" if you've already set it up)
  3. Click the Install button

On the Incoming Webhook Connector page:

  1. Enter the name that will show up at the very top of the message
  2. Upload an icon to use next to the message. The DarkLight icon is located at
  3. Click Create and a URL will appear. Paste this URL in the Teams Data Source in DarkLight

Note: to get back to this Webhook configuration again, instead of clicking the Configure button, choose "Configured" under "MANAGE" in the sidebar menu of the Connectors panel.

The above example uses FreeMarker expressions to report the details determined from Technique playbooks. Note that any fields that might have characters that need to be escaped in JSON need to have a ?json_string in the FreeMarker. The output in Microsoft Teams looks like this:

Show the JSON

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