Step: Reify JSON Object

This step sends a JSON message from the package table variable to a Reify Configuration to convert it into a graph. The most frequent use is to convert an incoming JSON event from a message queue (called rawInput in the package) into a graph (called _default_).

Operates on a table variable

Creates a graph

Requires a Reify Configuration to know how to process the JSON

  • Reify Configuration: A drop-down list of each of the JSON Reify Configurations in the workspace. Use the [USE MATCH PATTERN] option to have the reifier pick the first configuration that matches.
  • Input Data: The variable name in the package table containing the JSON. Default for incoming data is rawInput.
  • Output Graph: The name of the graph the reified object will use in the package. Default is _default_.

A Note About the Primary Individual

Depending on the steps in the playbook, your package might end up with multiple named graphs. Only one of the graphs is published in the Publish step and that is controlled by the primary individual, represented by the IRI of the center node in the graph. To change the primary individual to a different graph's IRI, use the Change Publish Object step.
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