Step: Reify Multiple JSON Objects

This step sends the results of a JSONPath statement from the package table variable to a Reify Configuration to convert any JSON objects into graphs. This is a useful step if a download or query has returned multiple results and you want to turn each of them into a graph. This step is typically followed by Step: Split Package to send each result down the rest of the steps.

Operates on a table variable

Creates a graph with multiple objects

Requires a Reify Configuration to know how to process the JSON

  • Input Value: The variable name in the package table containing the JSON.
  • JSONPath: The JSONPath expression use on the Input Value to extract JSON objects.
  • Reify Configuration: A drop-down list of each of the JSON Reify Configurations in the workspace. Use the [USE MATCH PATTERN] option to have the reifier pick the first configuration that matches.
  • Output Graph: The name of the graph the reified objects will use in the package. The graph name of _default_ may not be used.
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