Step: Reify Table Row

This step sends a table row (array) from the package table variable to a Reify Configuration to convert it into a graph. This step is typically used after a Split Package step that splits apart the package on each row in a multi-row table. It uses the "Table" version of the Reify Configuration.

Operates on a table variable

Creates a graph with one object

Requires a Table Reify Configuration to know how to process the table row

  • Input Variable: The variable name in the package table containing the row.
  • Reify Configuration: A drop-down list of each of the Table Reify Configurations in the workspace.
  • Output Graph: The name of the graph the reified object will use in the package. The graph name of _default_ is allowed.

This playbook is connected to a folder Ingest step.

When a CSV file is dropped into the folder, the Convert CSV to Table step makes a table from the CSV file.

The Split Package step then creates a new package for each row in the table.

Each package then goes to the Reify Table Row step where each row is turned into a graph named _default_.

Each graph is then Published to the contextual database.

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