Step: Replace Text

Search and Replace text inside a saved variable.

Allows FreeMarker Expressions

Operates on table variable values

Stores data in a package table variable

  • Input Value: Name of Package data value containing the values to be replaced.
  • Output Variable: Name of package variable to store resulting new values replacing the original
  • Replace Input Variable: Check the box to replace the Input Variable instead of creating a new one.
  • Replacement Options:
    • Replace All Instances: Replace every instance in the Input Data where the "Text to replace" appears
    • Replace First Instance: Only replace the first instance found
  • Text to Replace: Text to be replaced - uses Regular Expressions
    • Escaped Characters: to refer to . ^ $ * + - ? ( ) [ ] { } \ | escape them with a \
  • Case Sensitive: When checked, the case of each character is considered
  • New Text: String of text to replace the original

Upgrade Notice from 3.5 to 3.6

The FreeMarker output of Replace Text and Text Operations only output single (scalar) values now. This means that if you were using a "Replace Input Variable" checkbox and the input was a list (${sample[0]}) or a table (${sample[0][0]}) you will need to uncheck the Replace checkbox and enter in a new variable name that will output as a single value (${sample}). Then any following steps will need to be updated to use the new variable name and format.

Use the Steps in Playbook view to find the playbooks that use this step. The view can be found in the menu Window → Show View

This step always returns from the TRUE side, and if there is not a match on Text to Replace, it will output the Output Variable with the same value as the Input Value.


  • If you send in "basketball" and search for "basket" to replace with "base", the TRUE side output value will be "baseball"
  • If you send in "baseball" and search for "basket" to replace with "base", the TRUE side output value will be "baseball"
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