Step: Save Package

Writes package to json data file on disk at specified location. This can be a very useful step when troubleshooting a playbook. Also see the Inventory View for troubleshooting help.

Allows FreeMarker Expressions in the filename

  • File Name: A FreeMarker template used to create a file name. Default naming convention is ${.now?long?c}.${packageId[packageId?length-5..]}.pkg.json
  • Save To: Designated path on disk to write json file package.
    • Standalone: Use the Browse button to choose a folder where the packages will be saved.
    • Client/Sever: The path is only on the server, so manually enter the path into the text box. The browse button incorrectly shows the client's file system.
  • step/save-package
  • Last modified: 2018/10/30 15:30