Step: SHA-256

Encode a text string and public key with SHA-256 to create an HMAC. Output can be stored as either Base64 or HEX characters.

Allows FreeMarker Expressions

Operates on table variable values

  • Input Value: Name of Package data value containing the values to be replaced. FreeMarker is allowed.
  • Key: Used in creating an HMAC
  • Output Encoding:
    • Base64: Output example: hI/+QnXdUnCb/kMYW3p2Z+i8OKYtTus0bbkExlZpSRk=
    • HEX: Ouput example: 848ffe4275dd52709bfe43185b7a7667e8bc38a62d4eeb346db904c656694919
  • Variable Name: Name of package variable to store resulting new value.

This step always returns from the TRUE side

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