Step: Split Text

Converts a string stored in a variable by another step to a list by splitting on a delimiter (e.g. comma, pipe, line ending, etc.). Uses include converting a single CSV string to a single-row table, or separating a string on line returns to create a list of strings that can then be processed individually by using the Split Package step.

Operates on table variables

To convert a multi-row CSV to a table, use the Convert CSV to Table step.

  • Input Variable: the variable name from the package table.
  • Output Variable: the name you want to store the table in.
  • Replace Input Variable: Check this box to replace the string in the package table with the newly-created array
  • Columns to use: Enter in comma-separated numbers representing the columns to put into the output variable. For example, if your row had 10 values in it, and you only wanted 1-3 and 6-8 you could enter 1-3, 6-8 or 1,2,3,6,7,8.
    • Convert all columns: Check the box to disable the above field and store all of the columns from the row.
  • Split with Delimiter: Enter the character(s) or regular expression to use in splitting apart the string.
    • Case Sensitive: leave this unchecked to ignore the case of the comparison text
    • Use Regex: check if you want the delimiter processed as Regex. If unchecked, the delimiter is used as written
  • TRUE if the conversion is successful
  • FALSE if the input variable does not match on the stated delimiters
  • step/split-text
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