Step: Subscribe

This step starts a PRO Playbook by receiving packages that have a specific rdf:type as one of the properties of the primary graph. The Subscribe step only received packages that have been sent by the Broadcast step. An individual package will only be subscribed to once, to prevent looping.

Requires a graph object

Requires Broadcast step from another playbook

  • Subscribe to: Click the Choose Class button to bring up the Class Selection dialog that lists every class in your ontologies. Type into the top filter box to narrow the list. Select one class and press OK. Once a class has been chosen, click the button again to bring the dialog up and choose a different class.

A note about looping

Each package keeps track of the playbooks it has been processed by. Playbooks that start with a Subscribe step will only process a package one time. This allows you to add a Broadcast step in a playbook that starts with a subscribe and know that it will not cause an endless loop.
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  • Last modified: 2017/11/21 18:46