Step: Text Operations

Manipulate text (trim whitespace, change case, etc.)

Operates on table variable values

Stores data in a package table variable

  • Input Value: the variable name from the package table. Uses Freemarker Templates to reference values in the package table.
  • Output Variable: Name of package variable you want to store the table in.
  • Replace Input Variable: Check the box to replace the Input Variable instead of creating a new one.
  • Change Case: Choose one of the drop-down selections to alter the case (uppercase, lowervace, etc.)
  • Trim Whitespace: Choose one of the selections to alter the spacing in regards to the value. This can be set to remove spacing in front, after, or both.
  • Collapse Multiple Spaces To A Single Space: If checked, and there are multiple consecutive spaces within the variable, this will change the spacing to a single space

Upgrade Notice from 3.5 to 3.6

The FreeMarker output of Replace Text and Text Operations only output single (scalar) values now. This means that if you were using a "Replace Input Variable" checkbox and the input was a list (${sample[0]}) or a table (${sample[0][0]}) you will need to uncheck the Replace checkbox and enter in a new variable name that will output as a single value (${sample}). Then any following steps will need to be updated to use the new variable name and format.

Use the Steps in Playbook view to find the playbooks that use this step. The view can be found in the menu Window → Show View
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