Step: Value CIDR Collection Filter

This step compares a package table value against a collection that contains data in CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) format. Multiple conditions can be applied and combined with an AND or an OR. If the conditions match, the package continues down the True [+] side of the step. If the conditions do not match, the package continues down the False [-] side.

Operates on a package table variable

Uses CIDR Notation for IP Addresses

Requires a String Collection

  • Input Value: The value from the package table you want to evaluate. This value is set for all of the comparisons made in the following sections. This value is referenced using FreeMarker Expressions
  • Select Collection: the name of the Collection containing the CIDR ranges
  • Add a new condition: Multiple comparisons can be made against the chosen Input Value. Results are combined with an AND (all must match) or an OR (any can match)
  • The header of each condition section can be collapsed by using the triangle on the far left of the section name. The section names contains a summary of the condition section.
  • Click the red X icon next to any section to remove that section from the step settings.
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