Step: Value Number Filter

This step allows the playbook to filter in or out specific combinations of numeric comparisons. It operates on the variables in the package table using FreeMarker expressions. Only one value can be compared per step, but multiple comparisons can be combined for that value.

Operates on values in the package table variables.

Allows FreeMarker Expressions

  • Input Value: The value from the package table you want to evaluate. This value is set for all of the comparisons made in the following sections. This value is referenced using FreeMarker Expressions
    • Trim Whitespace: When checked, if there are any spaces in front of or after the value, they will be ignored
  • Comparison Method: Choose the type of comparison to make:
    • equal to : the value mush match exactly
    • greater than: all of the characters in the comparator exist in the input
    • greater than or equal to: enter the number of characters (including spaces) to match the input
    • less than: the input starts with all of the characters in the comparator
    • less than or equal to: the input ends with all of the characters in the comparator
    • between:
    • a number:
    • not: When checked, the inverse of any of the above
  • Comparator: the number to compare with the input value using the comparison method. The "Between" comparison will use a Comparator A and Comparator B.
  • Add a new condition: Multiple comparisons can be made against the chosen Input Value. Results are combined with an AND (all must match) or an OR (any can match)
  • Remove a condition: Click the red X next to a condition to remove it.
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