DarkLight automatically makes a backup of the contextual and working memory databases. By default, this happens each night at 1am and it keeps the last 7 backups, but the details are configurable in the Window→Preferences panel in the Champion→Memory folder. Backups are stored with the database in each workspace in db\backup.

To import data from a backup, make sure DarkLight is running and the database is connected (green light next to "Database Connected" in the bottom-right corner).

  1. If you want to completely replace the contents of your existing data, use the Clear All feature in the Contextual and/or Working Memory Views to empty the database.
  2. From the same menu, choose Import Data to open the file chooser dialog. Navigate to your workspace folder and then inside /config/db/backup
  3. Each backup creates two dated files. One for contextual memory and one for working memory. They do not have to be restored together. DarkLight's Import function will be looking for files with an extension of dlw.trig by default but backup files are just named .trig, so change the file pattern at the bottom of the file chooser to show all files (*.*). Choose the file that corresponds with the type of memory you are importing (context or working) and click OK.
    1. Note for Client/Server: Since the workspace is on the server, but the Import menu selects files from the client, you will need to download and transfer the backup file(s) to the client first.
  4. The contents of the backup will be loaded into memory in that workspace.
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