Restoring Demo Data

The install of DarkLight contains encoded versions of the demonstration data that is automatically created when the installer runs. Follow these instructions to add this data back into your databases if you want to reset to the default state.

To import data from the installer data file, make sure DarkLight is running and the database is connected (green light next to "Database Connected" in the bottom-right corner).

  1. If you want to completely replace the contents of your existing data, use the Clear All menu item in the Contextual Memory View to empty the database.
  2. In that same menu in Contextual Memory, choose Import Data
  3. The demo data file is inside your darklight workspace folder in /config/init/db/export-context.trig
  4. Click OK and the data from the file will be loaded into your workspace's contextual memory database.
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  • Last modified: 2017/08/12 01:48